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Elba aims to provide information and services that help make better use of available online services and internet sites.

Our policy is to provide information and services that to the best of our knowledge are accurate.  It is our Policy to avoid knowingly or deliberately supporting any compromises to the security or privacy of any visitors to our websites or pages.  We do not actively use cookies, pop-ups or redirects and we do not link to any site that we know to compromise security or privacy.

We try to ensure that information on our website is up to date accurate and that the advice offered is sound but, before making any important decisions on the basis of information or advice provided, you should confirm that the information is accurate and the advise pertinent to your specific circumstances.

Our web pages contain links to other sites that offer products and services relating to the information we provide.  In all other respects, except where explicitly stated, Elba BIS is entirely independent of any of product or service supplier.

Our site is still developing  - a continuous process - we are working towards providing a comprehensive set of information covering financial, legal, medical and property topics specific to the Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

Elba Better Information Services is a division of Elba Business Improvement Services Ltd, Martock Somerset, UK.  Registered in England. Number 4792040. Registered Office 3A North Street, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6DH.

Proprietor: Mr Paul Helyer:  Telephone: 07903 904 415

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