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Elba-BIS Policy

It is the firm policy of Elba-BIS not to deliberately or knowingly take or support any action that will compromise the privacy or security of any correspondent or  visitor to our site.

Should any personal or personally identifiable information be provided to us either through completion of online forms or through the submission of e-mails using links from our site, information will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided - such purpose will be clearly stated at the point where the information may be provided.  In particular, any personal information will be used by Elba-BIS only and not sold, shown or otherwise provided to any other organisations.


Elba-BIS takes reasonable precautions to protect its site from viruses, trojans and unauthorised software.  However we do not consider our site to be a "secure site" and we can make no guarantees due to the inherent risks associated with internet sites.  We will not be responsible for any harm or infiltration causes by unauthorised software introduced to our site directly or indirectly by any third party.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your hard drive when you visit a website.  They are able to record information about your visit that may be used in subsequent visits - for instance changing the colour of links you have already used.  Elba-BIS does not actively make use of cookies and only uses cookies that are automatically generated through our use of standard website development software and advertising products.  We do not actively or knowingly collect any personal information from cookies.


Elba-BIS does not directly collect any data that allows us to track the behaviour of individual visitors.  Through the Google Analytics facility, we do track data about visitor numbers and behaviour but this is not in a format that enables the identification of any specific individual - it is collected against individual IP addresses.  This information is only used to help monitor and improve the performance and development of our site.

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Disclosure of Information

It is not currently Elba-BIS practice to share any general tracking or specific query information with other organisations.  We reserve the right to share whatever information is collected through Google Analytics  with current and prospective business partners and advertisers for marketing and promotion.

Although we are not aware of possessing any relevant information, we reserve the right to disclose whatever information we do have that may support any legitimate law enforcement operation to appropriate law enforcement agencies.


Elba Better Information Services is a division of Elba Business Improvement Services Ltd, Martock, Somerset, UK.  Registered in England. Number 4792040. Registered Office 3A North Street, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6DH.

Proprietor: Mr Paul Helyer:  paul.helyer@elbabis.co.uk  Telephone: 07903 904 415

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