Dental Payment Plans

Toothache is bad! - Toothache and a large Dentist's Bill is worse.  A regular payment into a Dental Discount Plan or Dental Insurance Scheme will allow you to spread the costs.  Paying for regular checks and preventative treatments - should reduce the chances of a painful and expensive emergency.

You may be lucky enough to have your dental bill paid by the state.  If not, there are various options available to you:  You may pay your dentist for your treatment as and when you receive it.  This may work out the cheapest option in the long term, but you may receive some very high bills if you ever need extensive or emergency treatment.  And, of course, do you really have a dentist to go to?  If you have no long term arrangement you may not be able to get an appointment when you need one.

You may take out a Dental Insurance Policy.  A Dental Indemnity Plan or Dental Insurance  will allow you to use any dentist you choose and the insurance pays towards the treatment you need.  You may need to wait several months before your policy becomes effective - perhaps only a couple of weeks for genuine emergency treatment and the insurance will not cover you for any pre-existing conditions.  The Insurance will pay a proportion of your dental bills - for example 75% - up to annual limits defined for various types of treatment such as routine check-ups, cleaning and fillings, emergency treatments or serious dental problems and injuries.  Injuries from some causes - for example, contact sports - many be excluded.

You may take out a Capitation Plan or Dental Payment Plan.  With a Dental Plan, you are assessed by a participating dentist.  The dentist will recommend a suitable plan and establish your monthly payment amount towards that according to the state of your teeth and dental history.  A Dental Plan will typically cover you for check-ups, extractions, fillings, preventative care and hygienist work.

There are also Cash Plans that provide cover for dental and other treatments.  Regular payments are made into the plan, and the plan will release cash up to defined annual limits to cover applicable treatments.  Of course, you could simple set aside such an amount yourself, for instance into a savings account, but the cash plan will ensure it is done regularly.

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