Insurance Brokers

What is an Insurance Broker?  An insurance broker is a company or individual who, for a fee, will help identify and arrange insurance policies.  They earn their fee as a payment from the insurer usually in the form of a commission.

Why use an Insurance Broker?  An insurance broker should have up to date information and access to a full range of insurance products available from a number of different insurance suppliers.  They should be able to advise you of the best insurance product available for your specific circumstances and needs.

What to watch for?  You should be looking for professionally qualified insurance broker who is independent on any specific insurance company.  Remember that they earn their fee from commission - they may be tempted to offer the policies that provide them with the best commission rather than those that best meet your needs.

Life Insurance Personal Insurance House Insurance Home Contents Insurance Car Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance Business Insurance Employer's Liability Insurance Public Liability Insurance Motorbike Insurance
Young Driver Insurance Senior Driver Insurance Payment Protection Insurance Health Insurance Breakdown Insurance
Travel Insurance Holiday Insurance Income Protection Insurance Dental Payment Plans Boat Insurance

When you take out an insurance policy it is important to be honest and provide all the information that may be relevant - even if not asked directly.  Failing to disclose relevant information may lead to claims not being paid when you need them.  Similarly make sure factors that may you a low risk are known to the insurer - this could reduce your premiums - you may need to shop around for an insurer who takes your personal circumstances into consideration.  Make sure that information you disclose to your insurance broker is recorded and passed on to the insurance supplier.

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