Annuity Calculators

Plan for your retirement.  How much income will your retirement funds provide?  What type of Annuity should you opt for?  What will the effects of inflation be on your disposable income if you live to be 100?

Which Annuity Scheme?  Index Linked, Guaranteed or Joint Life?  Should you put all your funds into an Annuity of take some as a lump sum?  Deciding on the best Annuity Scheme when you come to retire can be a difficult decision.  What is best for you in the future will depend on a unknowns - How long will you live? What will the rate of inflation be?  To make matters worse, even if you knew the answers to these questions - you would still need to do the sums to work out what it would actually mean to you.

Annuity Calculators will not predict the future, but they will at least do the sums for you.  This will allow to to try out the effects of different assumptions or guesses about inflation rates and how long you may live so that you can chose the Annuity Scheme that best fits with your expectations and needs for your retirement.

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