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Financial Information

Want to make a fortune, look after the one you've got, or just get through tomorrow?

Elba BIS provides information, links and useful tips to help with managing personal finances.

Find information on: Banks, Savings, Shares & Currency, Credit-Cards, Debt Management, Insurance, Loans, Mortgages, & Pensions

Business & Professional

Looking to set up in business?  Need to find qualified professional advice and support?

Elba BIS provides Information, links and tips on finding online opportunities and expert support.

Find Information on: Lawyers, Business & Work Opportunities, Business Software, Business Finance, Websites

Other Information

Find information on: Online Genealogy, Leisure Activities

Want information on more topics or specific subjects?  Ask us the question and we'll see what we can find?

Ask Elba

Property & Home Improvement Information

Buying, selling or improving your property?  Looking for ideas or service suppliers?

Elba BIS provides Information, links and tips on buying, improving and selling property.

Find Information on: Home Extensions, Home Interior Improvements, Gardens, Pools & Patios, Real Estate, Bathrooms & Showers, Energy & Utilities

Medical Information

If it's an emergency, see a doctor!

For less serious or long term concerns, or if you're just curious, see our information about various medical conditions and medical services.

Find Information on: Ability Enhancements, Cosmetic Surgery, Medical & Care Facilities, Fertility Treatment

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