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Tired of relying on contact lenses and glasses?  LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) commonly called Laser Eye Surgery may improve vision to the point where contact lenses or glasses are no longer necessary.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?  LASIK is performed under a local anaesthetic as a day case procedure taking about 15 to 20 minutes.  Eye drops are used to make the eye numb before the treatment begins.  A frame is used to prevent blinking and it will not be possible to see out of the eye as it is being treated.

An ultra-thin flap is made in the surface of the cornea and a computer controlled laser (an excimer laser) removes precisely the correct amount of corneal tissue.  The flap is repositioned and bonds to the cornea within minutes without the need for stitches.  Antibiotic eye drops are used to protect against infection. and the eye is covered with a protective patch.  After a short rest you should be allowed home.  Initially blurred vision will gradually clear.

Who is LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Suitable for?  LASIK can help to correct: short-sightedness ((myopia); long-sightedness (hyperopia); astigmatism.

LASIK may not help with severe conditions or age-related long-sightedness.

What are the risks? 

The long-term safety and effectiveness of LASIK are still being assessed.  Many thousands of people have been successfully treated, but there are potential side effects and possible complications.  Side-effects such as slight discomfort, watering of the eye, sensitivity to light and possible dry eyes are mostly temporary. Most people are not affected by complications - however possible complications include: haziness or scarring of the cornea, glare around bright lights, under or over-correction of short sightedness, infections, accidental damage to the cornea and temporary drooping eyelids.

What to look for?

You should look for a qualified Ophthalmologist with experience in LASIK procedures.

The procedure can be performed on one or both eyes at a time.  You may want to look for a suitable clinic providing for an overnight stay.

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