Swimming Pool Construction


Your own pool - somewhere to cool off after the day's toil, fun and exercise for the family and friends, a statement of your achievement, fulfilment of a dream.  Whatever your reasons for wanting a pool, its construction is a major project requiring expert advice and assistance.

Inground or above ground?  Installing an inground swimming pool is a huge job requiring large, heavy excavating equipment and somewhere to put all the excavated spoil.  An above ground pool is cheaper and easier, but is still likely to require a certain amount of excavation.

What to consider.  As well as the basic type of pool you want - probably dictated by your budget, there are many other issues to consider.  Where do you want your pool? (There will need to be suitable access for the excavating equipment, the type of soil may affect costs of construction and spoil disposal, are there cables and pipes you need to consider?)   According to local legislation and the type of pool you are constructing, there will be various legal requirements and regulations than need to be complied with during and after the construction.  You will need to consider paving and decking to properly finish off your pool area.  Don't forget, a pool is for life! You will need to make arrangements for proper maintenance to ensure it remains safe and attractive.

Professional Help.  You are likely to need expert assistant from specialist pool designers and engineers, excavators, plumbers, concreters, electricians, pavers and tiles, fencers, etc.  Placing the whole project with a specialist pool professional from the outset, should ensure you get the right help and advice when you need it.  Make sure your builder is a member of suitable trade and professional organisations and associations. Also make sure they are fully licensed and insured.

Compare what's on offer online in order to understand costs, issues and options.  Obtain quotes from a few alternative suppliers, once you know what the issues are and the right questions to ask.

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