Spa Pools


Your own Spa Pool - Somewhere to cool off after the day's toil, relax with an invigorating water massage, the finishing touch for your patio or balcony.  What better after a BBQ than a cold drink and relax in the pool with your friends.

Spa Pool Sizes  - Spa Pools are available in a wide range of sizes - the smallest are ideal for 4 people, the largest can comfortably cater for 14 or more.

Spa Pool Locations - Spa Pools may be installed indoors or outdoors and may be inground or above ground.  There are portable varieties that may travel with you should you move house.

Spa Pool Features Spa Pools are available with a variety of air and water jets (such as Air Injectors, Micro Jets, Pulse Jets, Massage Jets, Swirl Jets and Swim Jets) providing effects from soothing streams of bubbles, through various strengths of water massage up to powerful currents for the strongest swimmers to swim against.

In addition to temperature controls, and padded headrests, features such as warm air blowers and aromatherapy are available on some models.

Spa Pool Installation - Depending on the size and location of your pool, there may be planning and safety regulations that you need to comply with.  The largest spa pools, fitted inground can be installed in days - by the experts.  Your dealer should be able to advise on the installation requirements to confirm that your selected spa will be suitable for where you plan to position it.

Spa Pool Maintenance - It is important that your Spa Pool it properly used, maintained and treated in order to ensure that there are no health and safety issues.  (Guide for private spa pool owners)

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