Wrought Iron Garden Features

What Wrought Iron Garden Features are available?  Wrought iron fences, gates, balustrades, ornamental designs and sculptures can be used to great effect within a garden design.  They can be both decorative and functional. 

Wrought iron has a well demonstrated capability to withstand the rigours of the environment and the tests of time - properly treated and maintained, it can still look good after hundreds of years.  If fact, you may want to consider acquiring antique wrought iron features as an alternative to new ones.

You may buy off-the-shelf wrought iron items, of have them custom made to your own specification or designs for the truly unique garden features.

What is Wrought Iron?  Traditional wrought iron is produced by a blacksmith, although it can now be mass produced.  It is a strong malleable material that can be worked into decorative shapes.  It is subject to rust, but properly painted it will survive for centuries.

Mild steel provides a modern and cheaper alternative to wrought iron.  It still needs to be painted to prevent rust and it may not weather as well.  Nevertheless, once painted, it would be difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish from the real thing.

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