Spa Baths

What better for your luxury bathroom than a Spa Bath?  If you want to relax and enjoy your bathroom, why add have the option of invigorating air bubble or water jets and room to enjoy your bath with company.

Indoor Spa Baths are available as Jacuzzi style with jets of small bubbles or Hydrotherapy or Whirlpool Bath styles with jets of water.  Most indoor Spa Baths comfortably accommodate two people.

Jacuzzis  A Jacuzzi is strictly a Spa Bath produced by the Jacuzzi Company.  However, the marketing of the trademark has been so effective that it has become a generally recognised and accepted generic term for any Spa Bath - particularly one that features bubble jets.

Bubble Jets: Multiple jets of small bubbles - up to 40 or more separate jets - are positioned around the bath to provide a pleasant stimulating effect.

Hydrotherapy:  High speed jets of water - usually positioned horizontally and larger in diameter than bubble jets- can produce various effects according to size and speed of the jets.  Jets can be quite forceful and provide an effective massage to relieve those aches and pains.

Spa Bath Benefits  Spa Baths are claimed to benefit a number of conditions including: stress, migraine, tension, high blood pressure, cramps and rheumatism.

Spa Bath Size and Seating  Indoor Spa Baths are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit most bathrooms.  Most if not all baths accommodate at lease tow people - larger models include built in seats.

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