Wind Generators

Wind Generators use Wind Power to produce Electricity.  Wind Power produced as a result of the sun heating up the atmosphere unevenly.  This produces pressure differences that lead to weather systems and winds.  Ultimately Wind Generators are powered by the Sun.

Windmills have been used for centuries to make use of the power of the wind - traditional Windmills turn the wind power into mechanical energy - used to turn the grinding stones or operate pumps.

Wind Turbines are forms of windmill that use Wind Power to produce Electricity.  Individual turbines vary in size and have maximum power outputs ranging from a few hundred watts up to two to three megawatts.  Wind Farms are groups of Wind Turbines generating electricity on an industrial scale.

Wind Generation for Domestic and Business Use  Wind Generators or Wind Turbines are available for individual homes, businesses or farms.  A typical domestic system requires between 2.5 and 6 kilowatts.  Individual wind turbines are able to provide this much power - provided there is enough wind.  The amount of power produced is proportional to the cube of the wind speed so small changes in the amount of wind can dramatically affect the amount of power obtained.  Before committing to purchase a Wind Generator, you should check your typical wind speeds - an anemometer will be needed to sample wind speeds over a sufficient period to get a good average.

For an off-grid wind generator system you will need batteries that store the electricity, and inverter to convert the stored DC electricity into AC mains electricity and a controller to divert power to other purposes once the batteries are fully charged (water or storage heaters for example).  Of course you'll probably need some other means of generating electricity (such as a diesel generator) for when there's no wind and you've exhausted your batteries.

How Much? For guidance, the cost of buying and installing a system ranges from around $7,500 for a 1KW system up to about $45,000 for a 6KW system.  They have a life of up to 20 years but they will require servicing every few years and, where applicable, storage batteries will need replacing 2 or 3 times over the life of the turbine.

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Wind Power

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