Graduate Loans


You've Graduated - Congratulations.  But now the real work starts - you've got a wonderful future ahead of you and you need money to get a good start: buy work clothes, somewhere to live, transport - they all need money you haven't had a chance to earn yet!  A Graduate Loan could be what you need.

Once they have established a bank account and embarked on a career, people tend to stay with the same bank for most of their lives.  Banks recognise that attracting new graduates to open accounts with them can secure them as customers for life - consequently, the Graduate Loan market is very competitive and there may be loans available at very favourable rates.

The catch may be that although initial rates are low initially, they may increase and become uncompetitive over time: there may be conditions that tie you into the loan for a period of time (or impose penalty payments).

Most Graduate Loans are Unsecured Loans.  An Unsecured Loan (also known as a Personal Loan) is a loan where the borrower does not provide something of value to hold as security until the loan is repaid.  It the terms of the loan repayment are not met, then the lender will need to take legal action to recover what is owing.  Remember - although unsecured loans are more risk for the lender, because they will need to take more action to recover their money and may not be able to recover all of it, this does not mean there is no risk to the borrower.  If you do not meet the terms of the loan, you risk still forfeiting assets or being declared bankrupt as a result of legal action.

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