Mortgage Brokers

What is a Mortgage Broker?  A mortgage broker is a company or individual who , for a fee, will help identify and arrange mortgages.  They may earn their fee as a payment from the borrower or from the mortgage lender - possibly in the form of a commission.

Why use a Mortgage Broker?  A mortgage broker should have up to date information and access to a full range of mortgage products available from a number of different mortgage suppliers.  They should be able to advise you of the best mortgage product available for your specific circumstances and needs.

What to watch for?  You should be looking for professionally qualified mortgage broker who is independent on any specific mortgage lender.  Be cautious of those who earn their fee from commission - they may be tempted to offer the mortgages that provide them with the best commission rather than those that best meet your needs.

Mortgage calculators allow you to work out what a specific mortgage will cost you.

There are a variety of different mortgage products available:
Endowment Mortgage Interest Only Mortgage Repayment Mortgage Remortgaging Lifetime Mortgage,
Fixed Rate Mortgage Variable Rate Mortgage Tracker Mortgages Marine Mortgage Rental Mortgage
Offset Mortgages Reverse Mortgage No Deposit Mortgage Bad Credit Mortgages Self Certification Mortgages
Jumbo Mortgages Joint Ownership Mortgages Shared Ownership Mortgages    
French Mortgages Italian Mortgages Spanish Mortgages Portuguese Mortgages  

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