Hair Transplants or Hair Restoration


Are you becoming self-conscious due to hair thinning or hair loss? Often hair loss is a genetic trait beginning in middle age.  Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration is the most common effective treatment for restoring a natural looking head of hair.

Hair transplantation has become one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures for men.

Types of Hair Transplant.  Hair is taken in a graft from one area rich in hair and transplanted to a new area.  The types of graft have evolved from punch grafts, through mini grafts to micro grafts and follicular unit grafts.  All are still available.

Punch Grafts are "plugs" up to 4mm in diameter containing 15 to 20 hairs - often referred to as "dolls hair".  A maximum of 100 grafts may be performed in one procedure.  The size and spacing of the grafts may produce a slightly unnatural appearance.

Mini Grafts are a progression from punch grafts - a graft of about 2mm containing 5 to 10 hairs.  Mini Grafts placed just behind a hairline may be effective in building up hair density.

Micro Grafts contain 1 to 4 hairs and rang in size from 1 to 1.5mm.  Their size allows a very natural appearance to be produced.

Follicular Unit Grafts transplant a small group of hears that naturally grow together - although similar to Micro Grafts, Follicular Unit Grafts are dissected with the aid of magnification to ensure natural groupings of follicles and their vital anatomical structures are maintained.  Follicular Unit Grafts recreate the natural appearance to restore a natural looking head of hair.

If you are seeking a hair transplant, check out qualified practitioners (dermatologists) and ensure you understand the risks and expected results.

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