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Why invest in land?  Land is generally regarded as a secure investment: it's a real asset, it's hard to lose it, it's in limited supply, it will always be needed.  Historically the value of land generally increases.

Land can be held as a long term investment but can also be used - for development, for agriculture, for pleasure.

What do you want to use your land for?  There are frequently restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your land.  You cannot develop or build where ever you want.  You will need to check that the land is suitable for your purposes before you compare prices, let alone purchase.  Prices of land will vary dramatically according what use the land may be put to.

What to look for?  If you are looking to buy land, you should review a number of Realtors who specialize in the location and type of land you are seeking.  Generally there are no benefits from restricting yourself to a single agent - however, if you are seeking a specific type of land, there may be a specialist agent who can present you with the most suitable properties.

You will need to be fairly flexible about location if you want to find land to put to a specific purpose.  You may be lucky, but it is unlikely you will find your ideal building plot just where you want it to be!  You may need to broaden your search area or consider different types of site.

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