Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping Surgery


Do you feel your nose is too large or deformed.  Cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty - is surgery to repair or reshape the nose.  Rhinoplasty may be performed to rectify damage, birth defects, to improve breathing or for cosmetic reasons.  It may involve changes to the size of the nose, changes to the shape of the tip or bridge of the nose, straightening or change the angle of the nose.

The operation is usually performed through the nostrils - leaving no visible scarring.  However you should expect swelling, bruising and some numbness for a period after the operation.

Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed and generally safe surgical procedure if performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.  You should discuss with your surgeon what you are hoping to gain from the operation and be sure know what you can reasonably expect and that you understand the risks.

Rhinoplasty may be performed in an outpatient facility or a hospital. It's usually done on an outpatient basis, for cost containment and convenience. Complex procedures may require a short inpatient stay.  The operation itself usually lasts for an hour or two, but more complicated operations may take longer.  Swelling and bruising will be worse for the first two to three days and should then start to reduce.  Some numbness may remain for several months and it my take up to six months before your nose settles into its new shape.

You should look for a specialist cosmetic surgeon and check they have appropriate qualifications and can provide evidence of successful procedures.

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