Feature Ovens

Luxury Ovens for Luxury Kitchens  The Oven may well be the most important appliance in the Kitchen.  A Feature Oven is an important element of any Luxury Kitchen.  Selecting your Oven of choice will be a key decision that helps determine the style of your Kitchen.

Range Ovens  Opting for a Range Oven or a Range Cooker such as an Aga will have a major impact on the style and layout of your kitchen.  If your preference is for a traditional, rustic style Kitchen, the choice of a Range Cooker will almost achieve this style on its own.  To their advocates, Range Cookers or Heat Storage Cookers are nearly a way of life.

Double Ovens  Whether in a Range Oven, under a hob or in an Oven Stack, Double Ovens provide a greater degree of flexibility and an additional cooking resource.  As well as providing additional oven space, Double Ovens allow you to oven cook at two completely different temperate settings at the same time.  Usually Double Ovens consist of a larger Main Oven and a smaller Secondary Oven.  Check out the capabilities of each.

Fan Ovens  Fan Ovens may offer an number of settings to achieve various cooking effects.

Microwave Ovens   Adding a Microwave Oven will provide yet more capability and flexibility.  You may want to consider a combination Microwave oven as one of your ovens in an Oven Stack.

Oven Stacks  You may choose to position your oven away from its traditional position beneath a hob.  Two or even three Ovens may be positioned into a built in unit, one on top of the other.  This provides an Oven Stack as a feature unit of your kitchen.  Position your Ovens within the stack so as to be at convenient and safe heights.  Space in the oven stack above and below your ovens provides ideal storage space for oven pans and utensils.

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