Family Law

What does Family Law Cover?  Lawyers, solicitors or attorneys may become involved in a number of aspects of family life.  Traditionally, a "Family Lawyer" would be largely involved in drawing up Facility Wills and Deeds of Covenant, acting as Executor of Family Estates, or providing a family with general legal and contractual advice.

Regrettably, nowadays, Family Law is largely concerned with the breakdown of a Family or long term relationship, in particular, Family Lawyers provide legal assistance in the dissolution of  a marriage  of formal relationship, and the rights and responsibilities with respect to children.

Do you need a Family Lawyer?  If your marriage or long term relationship is breaking down, you should consider seeking legal advice - this is especially the case if your erstwhile partner has obtained legal advice.  If the break-up is amicable, there are no children involved and the distribution of joint assets has been agreed, then the process need not be unnecessarily traumatic, and maybe you may choose to risk using just one lawyer between you.  If you want to safeguard your rights, make sure you employ your own lawyer.

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