What is a Lawyer?  A lawyer is a qualified professional person who provides advice on legal matters or acts on behalf of others in a court of law.  Terms for lawyers include: advocates, attorneys, barristers, briefs, counsellors, solicitors.

Types of Lawyer  Lawyers specialize on different areas of law and different roles.  Some lawyers specialize in representing their clients in court (advocates or barristers); other lawyers specialize in acting as agents and providing advice on legal matters (attorneys or solicitors).

Areas of Law  There are many different areas of law as indicated below.  Even within these broad categories there are specialist areas.  For instance, Family Law covers such diverse issues as making a will, adoptions, divorces and paternity issues; Employment Law covers such issues as workers rights or industrial injury compensation.

 If you are seeking a Lawyer, you will need to find one who practices law within the field you are concerned with - whilst your attorney or solicitor may not practice in the are of law you require, they should be able to recognise what is required and advise on how to find a specialist.

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