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Internet Business. The dot-com bubble may have burst, but there's still plenty of money to be made from the internet. 

Whether you are seeking to add to your existing income by putting in a few hours on the PC, make your fortune by risking an investment in an existing internet business, or develop you own multi-million dollar site, there's still plenty of opportunities to make money online - and plenty of scams!

Beware - there are lots of scams around - it's a sad fact of life that easy, low risk, high earning opportunities aren't just handed out to anyone who wants one, and they certainly don't need to be advertised extensively.  If an online business of online working opportunity seems too good to be true, then it almost certainly is!  Nevertheless, there is money to be made for those who are prepared to take risks or work hard, perhaps put in long hours for low hourly rates, perform mundane, repetitive tasks.  If you need the money you will compromise some of your ideals - but understand the risks and drawbacks.

All you need - The first 3 steps to your fortune:

  1. A PC with an Internet Connection - preferable broadband;

  2. A website - this requires a Domain Name, a Web Host (this will cost a couple of hundred dollars every couple of years) and possible some software to help produce your site - possible entry level software includes either Microsoft FrontPage (another couple of hundred dollars) or Macromedia Dreamweaver (about five hundred dollars), for another hundred dollars or so you can buy an off the shelf, professional web template - just plug in your logo, and data an off you go;

  3. A good idea!  This is down to you for the most profitable ideas, but there are opportunities and internet business franchises available online.  Maybe by investigating some of these you can gain an understanding of how internet businesses work that may spark your winning idea.


Basic Internet Business Models:

There are a number of ways of making money on the internet.  Basic business models include:

  • Online sales - advertising and selling your product or service online - product purchases can be supplied by mail order or, depending on the product, by downloading over the internet;

  • Site membership - members pay a subscription to gain full access to your site and its services;

  • Advertising - popular site can make significant revenue through advertising.

What to look out for:

  • Beware of opportunities requiring you to invest up front for training and materials - whilst this may ensure that start-up costs are not lost on time wasters, it can mean that you pay out more than you earn.  Be very careful before parting with any of your money up front - you're looking to earn money not pay it out!  Paying out a couple of hundred dollars to invest in an opportunity that promises to earn you hundreds of thousands may look like a good bet - it may be how someone else makes hundreds of thousands by selling start up packs to punters like you!  Be clear what you are paying for and what it will achieve for you.

  • Make sure you understand all aspects of the business model, what you will be responsible for and what costs you may incur - there may be hidden tasks and costs that make the work less rewarding.  How much traffic do you expect to see on your site and what to you need in order to make a profit.  Make sure you find out every step involved and all the costs of supplies and training.  Look for someone who has already done the job to find the pros and cons.

  • Make sure you understand how, what, and when you will be paid and who by.  When will you first be paid?

Before making any commitments, investigate a few internet business opportunities.  You will find a number of specific internet opportunities as will as directories of available schemes.  Each opportunity will be very different, by comparing a few that appear of interest to you you will begin to understand some of the different packages available, how they will work and what questions you will need to ask.  You should expect to be given full information about the nature of the work, costs and payment before any commitment is required.

Good Luck and remember this site if you make your fortune.

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