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Some form of Business Accounts Software is a must for any small business.

You will find that using Accounting Software suitable for Small Business Accounts will help to make keeping your day-to-day records in order much easier.  As well as providing you with better day-to-day visibility, and therefore control, over your organisation's finances, using suitable bookkeeping software or  accounts software will help complete tax returns and should make your accountant's life easier - any should allow you to secure a reduction in their fees!

You may contract out for Accounting Services or Bookkeeping Services from a professional Accountant - in which case they will use their own software.  If you prepare to look after the day-to-day accounts and bookkeeping yourself, you should still require the services of a professional Accountant to check or audit your accounts for tax purposes at least once a year. 

There are a number of Accounting Software Packages available - some are general purpose, some are targeted at supporting specific types of business.  More sophisticated packages will include payroll software - or link to separate payroll software modules.

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