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Why Have a Business Website?  For a self respecting modern-day business, a professional Website is as important as a company brochure or the business name above the factory gate - if not more so.

Whether your website is a source of revenue, a means marketing or selling your product, or a vehicle for  providing information about your organisation to the outside world, the style and content of the Website should enhance your business.

What you will need.  You may produce your own Website or pay someone to produce one for you, or a combination of the two.  You need to think about maintenance as well as the initial creating.  A good website it likely to need regular updates and additions.  A poorly maintained or out of date website will not create the image of a well managed business. 

Whether you contract someone to produce your site or not, you will need to consider the following:

Domain Name: You will need to secure a domain name.  Depending on the name of your business, this may be obvious and easy, or an immediate problem.  You will find that many domain names you may think of have already been taken, and you may need to be creative to come up with a name that reflects your business or product.  Online sites are available to help you select and register Domain Names. Your Domain Name will allow you to set up your own e-mail addresses.

Web Hosts:  You will probably need someone to host your Website.  Hosting your site means storing the site and making it available through the world wide web. Some organisations that register Domain Names also provide Web Hosting facilities. 

Website Design: Various businesses provide Website Design services.  You may either buy a complete package that will establish and maintain your site for you, or you may buy an initial design that you look after and develop yourself.  A good Website Designer should be able to help with Website Optimisation or Search Engine Optimisation.

Website Development Tools:  If you are going to develop or maintain your own site, you will probably need some software packages to help you.  Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are two possible examples

Website Templates: You may choose to buy an off-the-shelf Website Template - again there are many available online.  A good template will provide a very polished professional presentation of your chosen content with minimal effort.

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