A bank is an establishment for depositing, withdrawing or borrowing money.

Banks are businesses.  As well as charging for some of their services, they make their profits by lending money to their customers at higher rates of interest than they pay on the money deposited by their customers.

There are different types of bank accounts: Business Bank Accounts, personal accounts, current accounts, savings or deposit accounts, online accounts, joint accounts.  Different types of accounts have different benefits and costs.

For personal accounts in credit - that is with money deposited in the bank - many banks will not charge for many of their services.  This can change if the account goes overdrawn.

Bank charges may include charges for: cashing cheques, taking money out, electronic payments, standing orders, direct debits, credit cards, debit cards, returning (or bouncing) cheques, providing statements, cancelling cheques, paying money in, receiving electronic payments, authorized overdrafts, unauthorised overdrafts, loans, cheque books, or just having an account.


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