Breakdown Insurance

A Car Breakdown will always spoil your day - with Breakdown Insurance Cover it may be no more than an inconvenience rather than spoiling your plans completely.

What Does Breakdown Insurance Cover?  There are various packages and options available - a basic package will provide roadside assistance cover and, if necessary, a tow to a nearby garage.  Higher priced options will provide for completing your journey and transporting your car to a suitable destination. 

Basic packages provide cover for a named driver and a specific vehicle only, and only cover you if you are away from home.  Other packages provide assistance at home and may cover a whole family and any car they are driving.

Do you need Breakdown Cover?  You should consider Breakdown Cover even if you are a competent mechanic - even if you travel with a complete set of tools and spares, can you be sure that you will have the facilities you need to complete any repair?  Most of us are not that capable - getting your car to somewhere where it can be fixed is essential.  Having cover that allows you to continue your journey may be vital to avoid much spoiling travel plans altogether.

Finding Breakdown Insurance Cover  Many motor insurance companies will offer breakdown insurance as an optional extra.  You may take out a separate breakdown insurance cover or you may get breakdown cover by joining a motoring organisation such as the AA or RAC.  Many policy provided offer discounts for signing up online - shop around to find the cover that suits you at the best price.

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