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If you, or a member of your family, needs medical treatment, do you want some choice about where and when you are treated, who provides the treatment or event how you are treated?  If so, taking out Health Insurance will enable you to take better advantage of the private health care options available to you.

Private Medical Care may be able to offer you a greater range of treatment options, shorter waiting times and possibly better facilities that make your treatment and recovery more bearable - but at a price!  Many treatments are extremely expensive - beyond the pocket of most of us.  By paying a comparatively small regular Health Insurance premium, you will make some of these Private Medical Care options available.

Health Insurance Policies.  There are numerous Health Care Policies available providing different degrees of cover for you or your family.  Cover may be for one or more members of your family - perhaps your priority is to ensure the speediest recovery of the breadwinner or the carer in the family, maybe you need to best treatment available for your children.

As well as selecting who in the family is covered, different policies provide different levels of cover - for instance just covering emergency treatment involving hospital stays, covering in-patient and outpatient hospital treatments or including specific treatments or consultations.

Before selecting your Health Insurance Policy, check to see what and who is covered, what is provided for under the cover and whether or not there are any exceptions or exclusions that are important to you.  You must make sure that you have fully disclosed any and all conditions and circumstances that may affect the policy, in particular any pre-existing conditions and previous treatments.

Health Insurance is unlikely to cover you for any elective cosmetic treatments unless they are directly associated with medical treatments that are covered under your policy.

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