Professional Indemnity Insurance

Nowadays no profession is free from the risk of being sued for damages.  Professionals are required to have at least an expected level of expertise, but mishaps and mistakes still happen.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for professionals against damages that may be awarded or negotiated in relation to some act or error during the conduct of their profession.

Professional Indemnity Insurance policies are available for various professions.  Premiums will vary not only according to the amount of cover, but also the profession concerned.  Typically policies require the policy holder to have certain qualifications or credentials, the nature of the qualifications and credentials held may affect the premiums.

Providing incorrect, misleading or incomplete information pertinent to your professional status, qualifications, credential and experience may invalidate the policy.

Shop around to find the company offering the best indemnity insurance package to meet your needs.  Comparing online quotes can be a quick and easy way to find the cheapest car insurance for your personal circumstances.

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