Commercial Loans


Even the best businesses may need to borrow money from time to time - for example to fund future growth, invest in productivity improvements, or cover a cash flow shortfall until payment is received from the recent sales.

A Commercial Loan is a loan to a company or business to meet business operating expenses or to finance the purchase of inventory.  Other sources of Business Finance may be available through, Business Loans, Investment and Venture Capital.

Commercial Loans may be obtained from Banks or other Commercial Lenders .  Even if you plan to take out your Commercial Loan with your existing bank, it may pay you to review what is on offer from other Commercial Lenders - this is profitable and therefore competitive business for banks - shop around for the best terms and use this information to negotiate with your existing bank.  You may find you are able to borrow more, obtain lower interest rates or more convenient repayment terms once you can show that other banks are able to offer what you need.

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