Retirement Finance

It is never too early to start preparations to finance your retirement.  The earlier you start saving for your retirement, the less it will cost you and the more you will have to enjoy during your well earned rest!

You need to consider: How to save towards your retirement?  Where your retirement savings will be invested? How you will use your retirement investment to provide an income?

Saving for Retirement.  There are various ways of saving for your retirement: conventional savings accounts, retirement savings schemes, company or private pension plans, endowment or life assurance policies, investing in shares or property.  How you choose to save for your retirement may affect how and when you may use your investments.

You may choose to save towards your retirement by adding to existing savings or investments is the most flexible way to save.  You keep control over how much to save, when you can access your savings and how you spend your money.  However, by using specific pension plans and retirement saving schemes may provide very significant tax savings as well - as ensuring your retirement savings are protected for their designated use.

Retirement Incomes.  The are three basic means of using your retirement investment to finance your requirement: you may have a lump sum of savings that provides income from interest and capital; you may purchase an investment (such as rented property or a share of a business) that will generate and income; or you may purchase an annuity - providing a reliable income.

How you saved for your retirement pay limit how you are able to use your savings to provide a lump sum or income.

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