Ability Enhancement and Support

Extend Your Abilities  Whether due to illness, accident, a congenital condition, or just wear and tear, many of us find that our physical abilities need some assistance to allow us to enjoy life to the full.  Luckily, there is an increasing range of products available that allow us to make use of the abilities we have to maintain, regain or achieve our independence.

The internet itself is, of course, a boon to those who are less mobile.  Through the internet, you are able to review the products available, select those that appear most suitable to your needs, and shop around to ensure that you can obtain them at a competitive price.  For many products you may want to complete your purchase online - for others, you may be better advised to use the internet to identify a local supplier you can deal with directly.

Available Aids and Products  These pages are intended to provide information about the types of products available, the benefits they offer, and some of the issues to consider before making a purchase.

Bath, Shower & Toilet Aids Beds & Bedroom Aids Kitchen, Eating and Drinking Aids General Household Aids
Stairlifts & Elevators Wheelchairs & Scooters Car and Driving Aids Washing & Grooming Aids
Vision Aids Hearing Aids Exercise Aids Recreation Aids

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