Stairlifts and Elevators

Are Stairs in Your Home a Problem?  Is it difficult for you to get up or downstairs?  Do you want to remain in your home rather than move to a bungalow or ground floor apartment?  Is it impractical for you to live on a single floor of your home?  A Stairlift or a Domestic Elevator may help.

What is Available?  Stairlifts are available with straight or curved tracks or as mobile varieties.  Straight tracks are cheaper and easier to fit, but the type you need will depend on your staircase.  Seated Stairlifts are the most common, and are best suited to those who are able to walk and transition to and from the seat without too much help.  Standing Stairlifts or Perching Stairlifts may be better if you are unable to bend your legs when seated or if you have a particularly narrow staircase - of course, you will need to be able to stand will little or no assistance.  Mobile Stairlifts are available as an attachment to a standard manual wheelchair or as a seated device.  Mobile Stairlifts use caterpillar tracks the grip and climb the stairs.

Through Floor Lifts (also known as Vertical Lifts) or Elevators are available with and without lift shafts.  Lifts without a shaft travel between floors through a trap door or aperture.  They are less likely to need significant structural changes to your home.  Versions are available to carry standing passengers, seated passengers and wheelchairs.  Vertical Lifts with shafts are like standard public elevators only smaller.  They have a fully enclosed lift car that travels up and down a constructed shaft.  They are able to carry more than one person and are suitable for wheelchair users.

What else you may need to consider?  You may be eligible for a grant or financial assistance to help with the purchase and installation of a Stairlift or Elevator.  Think ahead - will the type of lift you are choosing be suitable for your future needs and abilities.

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