Health Spas


Luxury relaxation, pampering, help with a lifestyle change, rest and rejuvenation, health and beauty treatments are all available through Health Spas (also known as health resorts, spa resorts, health retreats, health clinics or health farms).

Health Spas provide treatments of various kinds for a variety of purposes including: stress management and stress relief, detoxification and addiction treatment, arthritis relief, weight loss, lifestyle improvements and beauty treatments.  Treatments available include: diet and exercise regimes, counselling, relaxation, meditation, yoga, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massages, facials, body treatments, wraps, manicures, pedicures, waxing.

Health Spas are available that cater for individual treatment sessions, day visits, overnight stays, weekends and longer.  Accommodation varies according to your taste and budget - the best Health Spas provide 5 Star standard Accommodation and Restaurants in scenic surroundings and with all the facilities you would expect to go with them.

For shorter stays, one of your main considerations will be location.  For longer stays, travelling further is less likely to be a concern.  A week or more at a top Health Spa may provide a holiday of a lifetime with health benefits as a bonus.  Use the internet to check out what is available at different spa resorts.  Make sure staff at your chosen Health Spa are suitably qualified to deliver the treatments and advice they provide.

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