Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals are businesses - they provide their services for a profit.  Effectively, Private Hospitals compete with public and not-for-profit hospitals, typically they will charge more and so they must offer a better or different service in order to attract their customers - the Paying Patients.

Why pay more for Private Hospital treatment?  There are several reasons you may prefer to opt to pay extra for treatment in a Private Hospital: reduced Waiting Times; access to Treatments, Facilities or Surgeons not available elsewhere; better Accommodation and Catering during your stay; or the exclusivity associated with paying for the best.

If you have a serious or urgent condition requiring treatment that has a limited availability within the public or not-for-profit health sector, there may be a long wait before you receive the treatment you need.  Private Hospitals may enable you to dramatically reduce this time - in some cases this may be life saving.  Some Treatments and Facilities may not be available outside of Private Hospitals - perhaps they are too expensive and not considered to be "cost effective", possible they are newly developed treatments that have yet to be made available on a large scale.

Hospitals are not always renowned for their Accommodation and Catering - some Private Hospitals may provide much better standards - Private Rooms with en suite facilities and an a la carte menu.  A hospital stay may be much more tolerable if the accommodation is more to the standards provided by a top class hotel - this may even contribute to a speedy recovery.

How to Select a Private Hospital  The internet provides a means of finding what is available where, and the standards you may expect.  For some treatments, you may be able to book directly - however, for many treatments you may need to be referred by your GP or regular doctor.  If you have Health Insurance that provides for treatment in a Private Hospital, there will typically be a defined process to follow in order to select the suitable Hospital.

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