Fertility Treatment

Wanting children can be one of the strongest natural urges.  Being unable to have the children you need can become an overriding concern that affects your quality of life.

Developments in contraception now give couples much greater choice about when to have children.  Cultural and lifestyle changes have resulted in many couples choosing not to have children until later in life.  Unfortunately this has resulted in many couples finding they are unable to conceive naturally.

Infertility Causes  There are three common causes of infertility: eggs are not being produced by the woman's ovaries, the woman's fallopian tubes are blocked so the eggs don't reach the womb, or the man's sperm are too few or unhealthy.  There are treatments available that may be able to assist with all of these.

About 40% of infertility cases are due to female infertility, about 40% are due to male infertility, about 10% are both partners and for 10% the cause is not known.

Fertility Treatments  Assisted conception techniques have a variable success rate according to the causes of the problem and the age of the woman - although there is some link to the age of the man, males tend to be fertile throughout their adult life, whereas female fertility reduces from the mid thirties.  If assisted conception is a suitable treatment option - it is successful in about 15% of cycles attempted.

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