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Genealogy - the study of Family Trees - is one of the most popular topics for searches on the internet.

Computers and online information have made researching and recording your family tree much easier and cheaper.  Although for serious and extensive research, you may still need to visit locations of the actual historic documents, data is increasingly becoming available online - allowing a good start on your family tree to be made from your own home.

Finding out about your family and ancestors can be an interesting and rewarding hobby.  It can also sometimes save lives - uncovering a family history of early deaths may help locate a genetic illness than modern medical techniques may test for and help prevent.  It's also conceivable - although unlikely - that you may find you are the long lost heir to a fortune or title.  Who knows?  But you can always dream.

Elba-BIS provides information and guidance to help you start or progress with this fascinating hobby.

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