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Genealogy - the study of Family Trees - The internet has dramatically increased the number of people researching their family trees - and it has never been easier.  Genealogy is one of the leading areas of internet searches.

Computers and online information have made researching and recording your family tree much easier and cheaper.  Although for serious and extensive research, you may still want to visit locations of the actual historic documents, data is increasingly becoming available online - allowing a good start on your family tree to be made from your own home.

What Genealogy help is available online?  There are a number of sites that provide access to electronic copies of historic records such as census entries and registers of births, marriages and deaths.  Some of these are free sites - often covering specific locations.  There are also many sites where people publish or share their own family tree information and offer assistance and ideas for your own investigations.

The most valuable online genealogy sites include subscription sites that provide comprehensive indexed data.  It is the availability of fully indexed electronic databases, with their associated search facilities, that has made the research so much easier.  Now, if you know an ancestors name (or part of it) you may be able to track down a whole family record in a census - without moving from your desk.  You can trace family members from generation to generation and from place to place.  Often these sites provide limited search facilities for free, and some offer free trial periods from time to time.

To get the best value out of a 3 month subscription, it's a good idea to do some research with the free search facilities - search for the names, approximate ages and locations to find candidates for your ancestors - once you have a list of candidates you can then use the more extensive capabilities provided to subscribers to confirm information and obtain more details.

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