Balloon Trips

A Balloon Trip - An event to remember.  A Balloon Trip is a gift idea that is growing in popularity.  Although the event may only last for a short while, the memory will last a lifetime.

Who is suitable? Balloon trips are suitable for all ages from children (minimum ages vary from 5 to 12) to senior citizens. 

How long does a trip last?  It does vary of course, but a typical balloon trip itself will last about an hour.  Expect to travel about 8 to 15 miles.  The "event" will also include some time either side of your trip to cover briefings and the return journey to the starting point - perhaps 3 or 4 hours altogether.

How high does the balloon go?  Normally a trip in a hot air balloon may go up to 3,000 ft. At that height, the temperature will be about 10 degrees cooler than on the ground - so dress accordingly.  If you have problems with heights say so, it may be possible to stay reasonable low throughout your journey. 

How safe is the landing?  The vast majority of hot air balloon landings are very gentle. Very occasionally, the balloon will have a landing speed that is just fast enough to create a short drag or landing run, giving rise to a few gentle bumps coming to rest.

There isn't a high rate of accidents with hot air ballooning, but it would be wise to ensure that the price of your trip includes full insurance cover.

Hot Air Balloon Losses

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