Why Have a Conservatory?  A Conservatory can add space to your living accommodation.  You may use this as, for instance, a breakfast room or a sun lounge.  Of course you may simply build another room - essentially that's what a Conservatory is - but a conservatory may be a cheaper or more suitable means of extending your home.

The advent of modern materials and techniques - such as timber, aluminium and PVCu frames and double glazing - has led to a resurgence in the popularity of Conservatories.  Now they are no longer limited to heated outhouses for keeping plants but are frequent additions to many homes - often becoming a major feature.

What to Consider?  There are three main issues to decide - Where do you want your Conservatory? What size should your Conservatory be? How should your Conservatory be constructed?

The layout of your house may offer some alternative positions.  Where you put your Conservatory and the rooms it connects to will affect how it is used.  The size will certainly affect what you can use it for - you may have limited space, but in general Conservatories that are too small may not provide all the benefits you expect from them.  The Materials and Design will affect the price, appearance and durability of your Conservatory.  You will need to look at a variety of material and designs on offer to find what suits you best.  Remember that every supplier will try to stress the "benefits" of their particular materials or designs.  Before making your final choice and comparing quotes, make sure that you receive quotes for similar styles and materials.

Planning and Building Regulations   There may be local Planning or Building Regulations that you need to comply with - reputable suppliers will be able to advise you on these and probably make all the necessary arrangements.  In general, provided that the Conservatory is predominantly glazed and is separated from your main dwelling by a lockable door, it is less likely to be subject to Building Regulations.  Planning Permission is more likely to be required if the position of the conservatory is visible to neighbours.

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