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Luxury Kitchens for Luxury Homes  The Kitchen is possibly the most important part of any home.  A Luxury Kitchen will make any home special.  For a true Luxury Home, a Luxury Kitchen is essential.

What makes for a Luxury Kitchen?  A top quality domestic kitchen will include all of the following elements:  a practical and effective layout; quality appliances with useful and appropriate features; good lighting; impressive and durable work surfaces; efficient storage space; and style.

Planning is essential for an effective kitchen.  Of course you may be limited by the available space, but you should always consider the work station - a triangle formed by the sink, the hob and your principal work surface.

How to do it?  You may choose to design and create your kitchen yourself as a DIY project - certainly the cheapest option.  You may opt for a standard fitted kitchen provided by one of several specialist firms - they will help with your layout and selection of cupboards and worktops from their mass produced ranges and appliances from various producers. - this is a mid price option that can provide very acceptable results, albeit within the limitations of the standard ranges of sizes and finishes.

A true Luxury Kitchen will require a top class Kitchen Designer.  The Designer Kitchen will then be based around your wishes rather than limits of the catalogue.  Cupboards can be made to measure, every space can be put to best use.  A top Kitchen Designer should be able to identify your key requirements and provide options and suggestions as to how to lay these out.

They should have up to date information about the complete selection of available appliances such as range ovens, stack ovens, microwave ovens, gas hobs, electric hobs, ceramic hobs,  fridges, freezers, dishwashers, waste disposal units, sinks, taps, cupboards and fittings, work surfaces, lighting systems, floor tiles and wall tiles.  Your complete Fitted Kitchen Service should include: planning and design; provision of all appliances, cupboards and fittings; fitting including specialist plumbers, electricians and tile layers.

Use the internet to review what is available in the way of appliances, fixtures, fittings and gadgets.  Get some ideas before calling specialist in for quotes.  To compare quotes, make sure you compare prices for the whole package, including all the fitting costs.  If you can get  a price breakdown, you may be able to find some appliances cheaper online.  If so, ask your kitchen supplier if they will price match, or check that they will fit the appliance if you purchase it separately.

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