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Why Buy a Designer Garden?  Most or us appreciate a well presented garden - but do we have the skills, time or energy necessary to create one ourselves?  Fortunately, there are professional landscape gardeners and garden designers who are only too willing to help.

What are the Benefits of a Designer Garden?  Gardens serve different purposes for different people - many are multi-purpose.  You may want your garden to provide somewhere safe for your children to play; somewhere to entertain; or just somewhere to relax and enjoy the surroundings - or all of these.  You will want your garden to be attractive and interesting to look at - from the garden itself, from inside your home and possible from the street or neighbourhood around you.  Unless you are a keen gardener yourself, you will probably appreciate a garden that does not need much maintenance.  A Designer Garden can help you achieve all of these objectives.

Professional Garden Designers  Landscape Gardeners and Professional Garden Designers are able to plan, construct and plan your garden to meet your priority objectives within the constraints of your garden area.  They deal with gardens of all shapes and sizes - from many acres down to a small backyard.  They are able to layout and plant a garden to take account of the soil type and prevailing climate and lighting.  They can design your garden to include the features you want such as: Lawns, Raised Borders, Patios, Decking, Barbecue Areas, Water Features, Rockery Features, Lighting, Fences, Gates, Sheds, Hedges and Trees.  They can take into account the amount of time you are prepared to spend maintaining your garden.

Garden Design Costs  How much you spend will be down to your requirements.  Investigate a few local Landscape Gardeners and request quotes - they will need to view the garden and discuss your objectives before being able to provide any meaningful quotation.  An attractive garden has been estimated as adding 5% to the value of your house - this may give you a guide as to how much you should consider investing into a garden design.

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