Real Estate Agents or Realtors

Are you looking to buy a property or sell a property?  You can do both without involving a Real Estate Agent or Realtor, but an Agent can provide you with information about a number of properties or present your property to a number of interested customers.

What does a Real Estate Agent or Realtor do?  A Real Estate Agent acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of a property.  A good agent will collect and compile accurate details of their clients properties and present them so as to highlight their features and benefits to potential buyers.  A good agent will collect information about the property being sought by buyers, and provide them with information on properties for sale that meet their criteria.

Real Estate Agents act on behalf of the seller of a property and are generally paid a fee by the seller on completion of a sale - typically a percentage of the sale price.  It is in their interests to achieve a balance between a reasonably quick sale and obtaining the best price for the property.  Real Estate Agents will usually advise on property valuations, although ultimately the decision on the sale price is down to the seller.  An agent may refuse to handle a property that is considered to be overpriced.

What to look for?  If you are buying, you should consider a number of agents who specialize in the location and type of property you are seeking.  Generally there are no benefits from restricting yourself to a single agent - however, if you are seeking a specific type of property, there may be a specialist agent who can present you with the most suitable properties. 

If you are selling, there are usually preferential rates available if you place you property with a single agent.  There may be variations in the rates offered by different agents operating in the location, but your main concern is probably to select the most appropriate agent for the type of property concerned.  This will help ensure it is presented at its best to most suitable buyers.

Compare different Agents online to assess styles, presentation and find out about their rates and conditions.

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