Looking to improve your bathroom?  Whether you are making DIY improvements to your existing bathroom, looking to add a luxury bathroom, or somewhere in between, the internet can help you.

Bathroom Design  If you already have a bathroom, you already have a bathroom design - the basic layout of your bathroom suite and plumbing.  You may choose to modify your bathroom while keeping your existing design or have a totally new bathroom design. You may use a specialist Bathroom Designer or your Bathroom Suite Supplier may be able to produce a design for you.

Your Bathroom Design will be limited by the size and shape of the room available, plumbing and electrical supplies, the Bathroom Suite you select and your budget.  Don't start work on a major Bathroom Improvement before making sure your design is suitable.

Bathroom Suites  Use the internet to review what's available: Baths, Spa Baths, Corner Baths, Sunken Baths, Shower Baths, Shower Units, Power Showers, Massage Showers, Bidets, Taps or Faucets.  Your choice of Bathroom Suite may affect the plumbing and electrical requirements - Spa Baths and Power Showers will need pumps and electrical supplies.

Tiles and Accessories  Finishing touches make all the difference.  Some Accessories may be added once the bathroom is completed - more sophisticated bathroom accessories - mirrors and lights, vanity units - need to be considered as part of your design.

The choice of tiles is important to both the appearance and the cost.  Professional tile layers should ensure you have a perfect finish and use materials that are suitable for a bath or shower room.

Professionals  You may want professional help to complete your bathroom improvement: Bathroom Designers, Bathroom Fitters, Plumbers, Electricians, Tiles.

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