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Which Air Conditioning System? There are many different Air Conditioning Systems available to suit home, office and industry.  Decide on the type of Air Conditioning that is best for your needs before selecting the particular system from available power outputs and required features.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning uses a refrigeration unit to cool the air.  They may ventilate, cool, dehumidify, purify and, with reverse cycle systems, heat.

Evaporative Air Conditioning uses the evaporation of water to achieve the cooling - its effectiveness is dependent on the outside humidity - a hot dry day will allow the unit to be more effective than an humid day.  Power consumptions for evaporative units is lower than for refrigerated systems

Environmental Concerns  Artificial Air Conditioning Systems consume energy.  In some situations Air Conditioning is the only means of making an otherwise intolerable environment bearable.  In other situations, where Air Conditioning is a choice to make an environment more comfortable, consider whether you really need it.  Could you get by with opening windows our using a few fans?

If you do decide to opt for an Air Conditioning System - ensure that you have properly insulated the area to be conditioned - this will minimise waste - reducing energy consumption and running costs as well as improving the effectiveness of your system.

Cooling Only Air Conditioning  Basic Air Conditioning that provides cooling air only.  Slightly cheaper than Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning systems that provide heating and cooling.  May also include pollen filters.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning  Reverse Cycle systems provide cooling or heating to achieve your required temperature - slightly more expensive than Cooling Only systems but may work out cheaper if you need to get some form or heating as well as cooling.

Inverter Systems  An Inverter Air Conditioning System provides the required amount of cooling by adjusting the cooling output to the required level rather than simply turning on or off as required.  This will provide a more stable temperature and will tend to be quieter.

Air Conditioner Mountings Air Conditioners are available for a variety of different mountings from stand alone floor mounted units to sophisticated under ceiling ducted systems.  Options available are: floor mounting, wall mounting, window mounting, ceiling mounting, cassette or suspended.  Split Air systems separate the "cooling" part of the system from the air delivery part of the system, and are therefore quieter in the conditioned area.  Ducted systems will supply conditioned air from a central unit through multiple ducts.

Other Issues to Consider Before your final selection you will need to consider the following:

  • Size, shape and installation requirements - will you able to fit and supply your system where you need it?

  • Temperature ranges - will your system be able to operate satisfactorily in the range of temperatures you need it to?

  • Power Output or Capacity - will your system be able to condition the volume you need?

  • Noise (measured in dB) - will your system be quiet enough?


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