Security Alarm Systems

Why Have a Security Alarm?  It is far less likely that your home will be burgled if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained Burglar Alarm.  Even if an attempt is made to burgle your home, the majority of burglaries carried out on homes with Burglar Alarms fitted are unsuccessful.

As well as providing greater peace of mind, a suitable Security Alarm System may enable you to reduce the cost of your Home Contents Insurance.

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems  The most common Burglar Alarm System is the traditional audible or hybrid alarm system.  When triggered, these systems provide an audible alarm and possibly a flashing light to alert residents and neighbours.  These may be professionally fitted, or there are cheaper less reliable versions available that you may fit yourself.  These may be hard wired or wireless systems.

More advanced (and more expensive) systems are Type A  Remote Signalling Alarms or Monitored Alarms.  There are connected to an alarm receiving centre that will alert the police if an intruder is detected.  Monitored Alarms are usually hard wired systems.

To obtain a police response, your alarm system will need to be a suitable Monitored Alarm system complying with local requirements and standards.

Before Selecting Your System Make sure your doors and windows are secure.  An Alarm System should only be one element of your overall Security Package.  Check with your local police or Crime Prevention Office for advice and guidance on the type of system and recommended suppliers.  Check with your Insurance Company to find out if they have any requirements or recommendations you need to consider.

Make sure your deal with reliable companies and check their credentials properly before inviting them to your home to conduct a survey or provide a quote.

Make arrangements for your system to be regularly maintained and checked.

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