Accident Compensation

Have you suffered from an Accident?  Have you, or a member of your family, been hurt or injured as a result of an accident that was, at least partly, someone else's fault?  You may be able to claim compensation for the consequences of the accident.

Examples of the types of Accidents for which compensation may be awarded include: Injuries from motoring accidents; work related accidents, industrial injuries or illnesses; military accidents; medical or professional negligence.

Who is Liable?  Even if you were partly to blame for an accident, you may still be able to claim compensation: maybe there were contributing factors; maybe someone had failed in their duty to protect you from just such an accident.

Compensation Awards  The basis of Compensation Awards should be to recompense you for the consequences of an Accident.  Some consequences, of course, cannot be evaluated financially, but there are typical sums allocated to a number of types of injury, ranging from a few hundred dollars for a temporary minor injury to possibly millions for an injury that causes permanent incapacitation requiring round the clock care.  You personal circumstances both before and after the injury will determine the amount of compensation from a successful claim.

Claiming Compensation  You may make a personal injury claim for compensation in one of the following ways:

  • you may make a claim yourself to the party you consider at fault (or perhaps their insurance company);

  • a claim may be made, on your behalf, by a suitable organization such as a trade union;

  • you may make a claim through a lawyer, solicitor or attorney;

  • you may make a claim through a claims management company.

Claims Lawyers and Claims Solicitors may provide their services on a No Win - No Fee basis.  However this may mean they are less interested in pursuing a case they are not confident of winning.  If you do win on this basis, your compensation is not reduced - the costs are paid for by those who lose the claim - or their insurance company.  Claims Lawyers and Claims Solicitors are subject to formal regulation.

Claims Management Companies May make all the necessary arrangements to make a claim and provide help and assistance with the process, including finding a suitable solicitor.  They are not subject to formal regulation and are not required to hold the formal legal qualifications of a lawyer or solicitor.  They may operate on a No Win - No Fee basis, or they may require that you take out some form of insurance to cover the costs if you fail to win the case, they may also require a proportion of your compensation claim should you win.

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Personal Injury Claims

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