Annual Travel Insurance

If you are a frequent traveler, whether it's business or pleasure, you want your travel arrangements to be successful. But sometimes not everything goes to plan.  Annual Travel Insurance (or Multiple Trip Travel Insurance) may not prevent things going wrong, but it should prevent you being out of pocket as a result - by providing some peace of mind and helping resolve some of the problems, it should help improve your travel experience.

Suitable Travel Insurance is essential if you are to be covered for emergencies and other situations that may spoil your plans either before your trip or whilst traveling.  You may be required to have suitable insurance cover before you can make some travel arrangements. Annual Travel Insurance (or Multiple Trip  Travel Insurance) should cover the all your travel packages - arrangements, traveling, accommodation, risks and liabilities throughout the year.

What could go wrong?  Failure of travel or accommodation arrangements; illnesses; theft of your personal possessions - such as passport, money, credit cards, cameras, luggage, etc; accidents causing damage or injury - whether caused by yourselves or others.  Hopefully, nothing will spoil your arrangements, but should it do so, having suitable travel insurance will help minimize the cost and inconvenience.

You should aim to have your Annual Travel Insurance Cover in place from the time you make your first bookings until the time you will be back home from your last trip - make sure your cover is current and extend it if necessary.

Finding the Best Annual Travel Insurance Policy.  There are different forms of holiday and travel insurance - covering different risks and aimed at different types of travelers.  Some policies may be aimed at providing a low cost insurance cover - for instance by aiming at specific low risk people or excluding various high risks activities.  Some Policies are aimed specifically at providing cover for higher risk groups or activities.  Single Trip cover may be best if you are planning a single holiday in the year.  Annual Holiday Insurance may be better if you take a number of breaks or if you are a regular business traveler.

Make sure you disclose everything that is (or may be) relevant to your risk - failure to do so could lead to the insurance being deemed invalid and not providing the cover when you need it.  Make sure you understand what is and isn't covered by your policy.  Are you paying for cover you do not need?  Are you covered for what you plan to do?  Make sure that your Annual Travel Insurance Cover covers you and your family for where you plan to go, when you plan to go and what you plan to do while you're there. Will you need more specific Travel or Activity Insurance Cover?

The market for travel insurance is very competitive - shop around to find the insurance policy the best meets your needs.

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