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Are you paying too much for your Auto Insurance?  Because Auto Insurance is essential and many drivers choose to remain with one insurance company rather than review the market every time their insurance is due for renewal, insurance companies compete to secure their customers.  This is good news for you, the hard pressed driver, as there are Cheap Auto Insurance Policies available.

Shop around to find the company offering the best motor insurance package to meet your needs.  Comparing online quotes can be a quick and easy way to find the cheapest auto insurance for your personal circumstances.

For a given insurance company, you may be able to reduce your premium by changing your type of  insurance cover.  As a minimum, Third Party Insurance is required to provide cover for any injuries or damage caused to other people or their property. Third Party, Fire and Theft, includes cover for loss of your own vehicle due to fire or theft.  Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover will also provide cover for yourself and your own vehicle if an accident is your own fault.  Although "Fully Comp" cover will be more expensive, the difference may not be as much as you may expect - especially to cover a cheaper automobile.

Insurance companies may offer "no claim" bonuses or discounts to drivers who have not been responsible for a claim.  Some companies provide specialist motor insurance policies for people in particular risk groups.  Look for specialist motor insurance for your age group, gender, profession, or location.

Optimize Your Cover  You may find that adjusting your policy slightly may significantly reduce your premiums - removing or adding a named driver, increasing the excess, adjusting the value of the car, the yearly mileage or the type of use, where the automobile is kept overnight, etc. are all issues that can significantly affect the premiums - by varying your policy you may be able to reduce your premium to less than half!

Make sure you are honest - making false claims may invalidate your cover.

Caution - Insurance Companies are in business to make money.  If your Insurance Cover is very cheap, they possible need to make savings by being less generous with their payouts or offer a reduced level of service.  Set your expectations accordingly.

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