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Liability Insurance provides cover for the risk of being sued for various types of adverse consequences the insured party may be held to be responsible or liable.  Although individuals may take out liability insurance to cover personal liabilities, Liability Insurance is more commonly used by businesses and organizations. It provides cover for directors and officers of the business or organization.

There are three main types of Liability Insurance: Public Liability, Product Liability and Employers Liability. Appropriate Liability Cover is a legal requirement for many activities.

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for the possible impact a business may, directly or indirectly, have on third parties.  A Third Party is effectively anybody who is not an owner, employee, a customer or member of the insured business or organization.  This could include the environment, members of the public, visitors, subcontractors or even trespassers. 

Product Liability provides cover for the possible impact a business may have on its customers through its products.  As well as consequences of faulty or defective products this could include the possible consequences of misuse or mishandling of the products.  There are increasing incidents of organizations being sued for apparently unforeseen consequences of using some everyday products.

Employers' Liability Insurance covers the possibility of an Employer being sued for injuries or illnesses caused to Employees whilst at work.  As well as the more obvious work place accidents, increasingly, cases are being brought for the long term consequences of work related illnesses.

Shop around to find the company offering the best liability insurance package to meet your needs.  Comparing online quotes can be a quick and easy way to find the cheapest car insurance for your personal circumstances.

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