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Nightmare - you've got your driving license and found yourself some wheels only to find you can't get insurance cover at a price you can afford!  The insurance for young drivers may often cost more than the car they are driving.

For some young people driving is a high risk activity - consequently insurance cover can be expensive and difficult to find.  Unfortunately young drivers, and especially men under 25, are frequently involved in accidents leading to damage, injury or death.  Compared to people over 30, male drivers under 25 not only have significantly more accidents, but the accidents they do have have more serious consequences.

Some form of insurance is required for all drivers.  As a minimum, Third Party Insurance is required to provide cover for any injuries or damage caused to other people or their property. Third Party, Fire and Theft, includes cover for loss of your own vehicle due to fire or theft.  Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover will also provide cover for yourself and your own vehicle if an accident is your own fault.  Don't be tempted to drive without proper insurance cover - the consequences could far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Insurance companies may offer "no claim" bonuses or discounts to drivers who have not been responsible for a claim.  Clearly as a young driver, you are also likely to be a new driver and will not have built up any "no claims" bonuses.  Some insurance companies may be able to provide packages, for instance involving other members of your family, that reduce their risk exposure and let them offer lower rates.

Shop around to find the company offering the best young driver insurance package to meet your needs.  Comparing online quotes can be a quick and easy way to find the cheapest car insurance for your personal circumstances.

Driving responsibly and carefully should ensure you are not liable for accidents - over time this will reduce your insurance costs.  Remember your car is a means of transport - not a toy or a weapon!

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