Mobility Scooters

Extend Your Horizons  Are you unable to walk far without assistance?  Do you feel housebound because you have difficulties traveling around your home town?  Mobility Scooters could provide you with freedom, independence and a new lease of life.

What is a Mobility Scooter?  A Mobility Scooter (or "Electric Buggy") is an electrically powered seat capable of traveling up to 25 miles before recharging with a top speed of between 4 and 8 miles per hour.  Mobility Scooters are available in 3 broad categories: Compact or Lightweight Portable Mobility Scooters; Mid-Range 4mph Sidewalk Mobility Scooters and the Top Range 8mph Pavement and Road Mobility Scooters.

Portable Mobility Scooters: Typically have a top speed of 4mph (a fast walking pace) and a range of up to 8 miles.  They are suitable for people weighing up to about 220 pounds.  They usually either collapse or can be easily dismantled to fit into the boot of a car.

Sidewalk Mobility Scooters:  Typically have a top speed of 4mph and a range of up to about 20 miles.  They are suitable for people weighing up to about 250 pounds and can cope with slightly steeper hills or more uneven terrain than Lightweight scooters.

Road-Going Mobility Scooters:  Typically have a top speed of 8mph and can be used on suitable roads as well as sidewalks.  They may have a range of up to 34 miles and are able to carry someone weighing up to 330 pounds.  They can safety climb slopes of up to 8 degrees (that's 1 in 7 - pretty steep)

Do you need a License?  No, at least not currently.  A Road-Going Mobility Scooter is classified as a road vehicle, but does not need the driver to pass a test or have third party insurance.  In the UK there isn't even any current law preventing drinking and driving your scooter - although we strongly advise against this.  You do need to be careful and considerate for other road and pavement users (makes a change doesn't it) since even at 4mph you can cause injuries - hitting someone at 8mph can be fatal.

Before making your purchase check that the Scooter you plan to buy is suitable for you, your abilities and your locality.  Make sure that you have suitable access and somewhere to store and charge it.  Then shop around - prices can vary enormously.

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